Nikon riding a wave of financial success!

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Re: Not so great

sjgcit wrote: Nikon a camera company did well, but Nikon's other businesses did not.

Those businesses are cyclical, and the precision business is dependent on big capital expenditure which is very economy related. It's important as a corporation for Nikon to have several strings to its bow, just to even out these cyclical trends. In a few years it could be the precision business supporting the imaging one, as it has been in the past. Again comparing Canon and Nikon, Canon's precision business is in a really bad state, and has more or less withdrawn from the sharp end of the market. It is left with Nikon and ASML being the only players, and so long as there is a semiconductor business, that puts Nikon is a strong position to survive, so long as they can keep competitive with ASML. One of their problems is the move in focus from Japan to China. Japanese semiconductor manufacturers would preferentially source from Japan, Chinese ones are just as likely to source from the Netherlands.

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