nikon V1 or P7700? please convince me?

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Re: nikon V1 or P7700? please convince me?

Mazevision wrote:

I have heavy DSLR equipment and I'm searching a small camera with nice IQ for everyday use and vacation... Did you look at the Panasonic LX7? Reviews say that it's pretty fast for a P&S camera and the specs are more exciting than the P7700 (wider and faster lens). Your thread is interesting and it might influence me in my choice. The Nikon J1 or J2 might be my final choice because of the new portrait lens announced, the 32mm f1.2!

I have the LX5 (the 7 is a minor tweak) - the 1 series is better all around. Yes it has a fast lens.......for a P& still has the tiny sensor. It is good for a P&S but lacks the dynamic range of the larger 1" sensor, this is really evident in post process as the larger sensor gives more room to tweak the image.

Even if they've improved it the focus speed is likely slower on the LX7, the 1 series is light years faster than my LX5.

Don't get me wrong, the LX is a nice P&S but it still has the P&S limitations. Given you need flash I'd say you might look at the J series, all the benefits of the 1 w/ a flash.

I just replaced the LX5 w/ a V1 - why? It couldn't keep up with grandkids - focus was too slow.

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