Windows 7 already hard to get (Dell)

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Re: why not windows 8?

I also read a lot of bad reviews but as I did a clean install from an win8 pro update disk! it was not a huge investment.

I suppose windows looked at apples success and is creating their own ecosystem. I dont agree with most of the reviews but you have to accept some changes and keep an open mind! Its also conforting to see that you can use the classic homescreen, shorctus and file management.

Some of those metro apps are beautiful, very intuitive and work very well. Much better than anything apple has to offer at the moment. Xbox music store etc amazingly nice puts to shame itunes,The social app (I dont use it but someone here does!) is also very nice, you have to see facebook working on it to beleive it. My twitter account app is aw inspiring. Skydrive, maps and most of the windows apps like news weather etc are just beautiful. Third party apps are also available and most work well. the app store is growing day by day and frankly I can get most of the apps I would (actually) use on my iphone/Mac

After the Vista fiasco I can only congratulate microsoft for doing such a great job. Im sure that I will find problems with the OS but from a normal users standpoint it is very intuitive and friendly OS. Im thinking of installing it on my 80/82 yo parents computer because I im sure they will find it easyer to use than windows 7. On the bad side, by acceptiing the terms and conditions of the apps you are of course letting these apps/microsoft access your data but most people already do this with their android ios or windows phones.

(BTW I am and have been a mac user for quite a few years (imac. macbook pro, Ipad3, iphone 4, Ipod touch), have no finantial interest in microsoft or apple and am trying to be as impartial as possible.)

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