Considering A99? One week by a non-pro, jpeg only (Part 2) - AF Speed

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Re: Considering A99? One week by a non-pro, jpeg only (Part 2) - AF Speed

Michael Fritzen wrote:

Hi HK,

thanks a lot. Actually your comments reflect what I was expecting more or less. I was able to handle the A99 on the Photokina and I was really impressed by the AF speed. OK, the lens I tested it were the 4,0/500 and the new 2,8/300. But I pointed them into dim lit areas a focussing (speed and accuracy) was simply stunning. That alone made me considering instantly an upgrade from my A850. Now when IQ in the range where I mostly use the camera equals / tops the A850 my piggybank is running serious in risk being robbed not very far in the future. Perhaps both A850 and A700 (with APS-C lenses) will have to go for the A99 + BG. And the RX100 will be "upgraded" to backup.

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Cheers, Michael Fritzen

Hi Michael,

Getting the A99 would give you some joy which may compensate a bit of the loss of A850 and A700 including the APSC compartment. However, I am very satisfied with my A900 in many daily situations  except sport, classic concert (too noisy) and low light and it has a lots of really good things which we photographers enjoy very much such as the superb OVF, the button layout which is NOT surpassed by the A99 nor by the A77. It is a shame to part with A850 and if I were you, I would delay the decision until I have exhausted my potential of using it. I think you like your A850 as much as I do to my A900 which is my first FF. I use NEX 7 + manual glass as back up most of the time. Its noise profile is some what between A77 and A99, more on the A77 side.

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