a99 got it today.. first impressions

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Dustinash wrote:

Its fast. It feels way better then a77. Way more serious. Little but concerned it still has some consumer elements like it states its weather sealed but there is NO WAY that battery compartment is weather sealed. In fact if it was on a table and someone spilled a drink it would get inside that compartment. Feels solid though.. Level on the back is touchy.. its similar amount of presure to move up down as press in so I get some user error there. Shutter sounds like wolverines claws.<Snickt!>

All around a huge improvement. Two major areas I dont like are

1) ridiculous clustering of AF points in center. I can respect that sony put their R&D into on the phase focusing to complement the mirror based AF and all told I think it was worth the sacrifice but i think they could have just expanded it by a few more lateral points to open up AF with 1.4.

2)This one is REALLY annoying and seems like a problem with the camera. After you take a shot and its in auto review if you want to check critical focus you can hit the af/mf (magnifier) button but it only works sometimes!! Often you have to hit it twice. really irritating. Anyone else notice this?

I noticed both of these and the second one is ore annoying. Still, it's a great improvement overall for Sony.

One more thing, the Joy Stick feels very odd the first minute I tounched the camera but I can see I can adjust to its more prominent and less stable position. You have to concentrate in order to press it into the central position. Beside, in portrait posture, the reach of the MF/AF button is a bit odd and far and the play button is even worse. may be it's just me who do not have big hands and long fingers.

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