Xpro1 more street shots of Los Angeles Part IV

Started Nov 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
Indulis Bernsteins Regular Member • Posts: 475
Good and also great photos!

Photo #3- "God has been so good 2 me"- is amazing.

Anyone who wants to see how amazing needs to look at it fullsize, then make sure your browser is not doing a "down-rez to fit on screen" (e.g. firefox, if you hover the mouse over the photo and it turns into a magnifying glass with a + then you need to click again to see the real fullsize photo!). Wow!

I showed it to a friend who is a leica man, and he sent me some links to Leica M shots (the monochrome Leica), and I think your photo is as good as any there, or even better! Same goes for IQ. He tried to convince me to look at a 2nd hand Leica M8 which with a lens would have been about $7K. I said:

  1. I can't afford it
  2. I think the Leica body + glass is no better than I'm seeing with the X-Pro1 + Fuji glass (and hopefully the X-E1), for $1500 to $2000. I'll save my money to get more lenses!


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