Nikon D5200 to be announced

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Re: Same sensor as D3200 = NO DEAL.

Shunda77 wrote:

No way.

I would accept a 24mp sensor that was actually better than the current 16mp D5100 chip, but the D3200 sensor isn't.

Up until now each generation has offered a fairly impressive image quality increase, and now we hit the wall with this silly 'pack in the mega pixels' crap.

Dynamic range, shadow noise, high ISO performance is what we want to see, not all these things put on a holding pattern while the marketing department packs in the pixels.

A real shame if this turns out to be the case.

Why do you think the sensor in 3200 is bad ? If you are talking about clipping highlits, I think this would rather be because the metering system could favor a little overexposure - but this should be easily corrected with a permanent exposure compensation adjustment.

As about high iso and iso performance, if you compare samples from the two cameras at the same resolution they are indistinguishable. I pulled the raw files from the dpr comparometer(at iso 3200)  and default-processed the d3200 and d7000 raw and resized the d3200 file to the size of the d7000 one. I cannot see any relevant difference between the two in the shadow areas.

On the contrary, i can see some red channel clipping in the d7000 file.

Are you sure you are not overreacting a bit ?

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