Need a BIG favor!! Dual D800 and 5DmkIII owners chime in!

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D700man wrote:

I'm so torn, its not even funny. The fact that I have some decent Nikkor Lenses makes me want to just stick with Nikon and get the D800...........but prices for the MkIII are starting to fall quickly and I know I love the feel and look of the Canon system. Its a dang hard decision and I keep flip flopping back and forth. It wears me out just thinking about starting over on buying lenses with the Canon system but in the long run I might be happier. I don't know.

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Hey Brent,
If I were in your shoes I would:

1) Look at what I thought my system was missing

2) If it's something that current manufacturers can't fulfil check who can

3) Check that the new manufacturer doesn't loose you anything by switching

I think that maybe unless there was a pressing need I would stay with the D700 and spend the money on more / better lenses, and here's my story of why....

From the previous generation of full frame cameras I was happiest with the output of the Sony A900, but the lens selection was poor and the of centre autofocus was not great so sold it and bought more Nikon gear (I was Minolta film and Nikon digital so that wasn't tough).  The D700 is a great camera but this time last year I'd moved away from sports for various reasons - and I wanted something that I could use in a studio and carry in a pocket and that had full manual controls so after so heavy trialling I went to a Leica M9 - 2 bodies and a few cards later I couldn't trust it (read my blog for the heartache!) so I was back in the game for an SLR.

I thought long and hard about another A900 - but they were too scarce and there was nothing to suggest that Sony were staying full frame, Nikon D800 was overkill on file size for what I needed (and wasn't available when I needed it), D700 was still available - but I couldn't afford to get back the kit I'd sold when switching to Leica and would be so annoyed everytime I went to the camera bag, so I went 5D mark II and 7D.

To me Canon has the most comlpete lens line up, it's easy to hire, they have complementary bodies that are more suited to different tasks.

But I also saw your comments on the D700 "best shots" thread, I've not owned any of the lenses you mentioned (I've used the 24-70 a lot in the past) but I have got images from that camera that are so sharp you don't believe you're zoomed i nto 100% when you are plus the metering was so reliable and the high ISO was so good it took me months of getting used to and not being afraid to go there!

It's been good enough for commercial shoots for me and I've had double page spreads with it too (no it's not my picture in the top left, that's the editor with his misleading photo!)

Anyway, good luck again with your choice!

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