First shoot with my new E-5, (6 photos)

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Re: First shoot with my new E-5, (6 photos)

Congratulation and enjoy your E5. I love your shots and your dog.

I am switching from Canon 5D MK2. First I plan to use 5D MK2 with Leica R lenses (35mm F1.4, 90mm F2 and 19mm F2.8). I always travel with my wife with this set of camera. I am quite happy and love vivid, high contrast and color rendering style of Leica R lens.

However there are two problems. One is slow for manual focusing. Second my age is now 50 years old and my eyes are not so good for manual focus.

I have saw pictures taken by Olympus E1 and is very impress. Its color rendering is very close to Leica R lens style. Then I bought Olympus E1 and PANASONIC LEICA 25mm F1.4 lens. I like this combo a lot. Then I bought Olympus 35-100mm F2 lens. Now I love AF lens and Olympus combo, 5D MK2 with Leica R lens is more for landscape or any pictures which we can take time.

I search a lot information of E5 and first plan is to be waiting for E5 successor coming out. But when I saw E5 at USD 1,000 offered price in eBay. I decide to bought and I am very happy with E5 set up with my SHG lenses.

Just share my experience and want to inform that please don't care too much about people talk about E5's sensor is old technology 2008. Its pictures quality is up to the level of camers launch before 5D MK3 and D800 launch.

It is one of customers praise when they bought  and used it.

I am very enjoy with my E5.

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