Is Panasonic Doomed? Massive Losses!!

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Re: Is Panasonic Doomed? Massive Losses!!

Fazal Majid wrote:

trevmar wrote:

I gave up on Panasonic when they put the 30 minute video clip limit on the US LX7. That was 'inspired' marketing, which ruined that camera for me, and poisoned my view of Panasonic as a reliable supplier.

It's to avoid having the camera classified as a camcorder, which is subject to much higher tariffs. Many digicams have the same limit. Blame asinine customs policies, not manufacturers.

No its not that at all. Even though a Press Release was put out to try and fool us, the public. That PR was discussed in detail in a DPreview forum. There is nothing in the USA import rules, only in the EU tariffs. A conscious decision was made to cripple all US 1080p P&S cameras this year.

The FZ150 had no limitation. Yet the early product info on the FZ200 indicated that it, too, would be crippled. But it came out, in the USA at least, capable of the same 'unlimited' recording as the FZ150. So I bought one. I had no choice.

But I still wish the LX7 had followed suit, as the LX5 had no limitation on its video length.

I am starting to use my Samsung cellphone for video, as it has has none of these artificial limits. I bought a clip to mount it to a tripod. It actually does a pretty decent job, with similar resolution and much lower moire than either the FZ200 or the LX7. But no zoom

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