Canon 100-400 or 300 f/4 IS???

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Re: Canon 100-400 or 300 f/4 IS???

I already had the 18-200 IS kit lens on my 50D which really sharpened up with MFA. I did not care for the action nor sharpness reports on the 100-400 L IS so I purchased the 300 f4/L IS USM and the 1.4xTC III.

The only problem I have external to the combination is center of gravity balance because I frequently use Live View for focusing and I have the camera gripped to use dual batteries. This results in jitter when there is more than very small wind gusts and also image jitter if I touch the lens. (A solution is being developed for the CG shift with the grip mounted.)

After MFA the image is sharp and can AF in many cases but I view LV magnified to confirm. confirm.

Here's first a full frame image unretouched converted from RAW using 300 f4/L IS USM with TCIII 1.4x:

Now about a 150% crop RAW processed first in QImage Ultimate (new DEF sharpening), cropping, exposure adjustment, then touched up in PSE with USM and catchlight in eyes lightened, no noise adjustment:

Wind was calm. Light was near very late afternoon in slight overcast. ISO 800, Tv 1/250, Av f/11, Tripod, IS Off. The group of swans and geese was at least 700 feet or more.

I knew I'd be highly cropping in pp hence the f/11 to get maximum DOF without diffraction.

The 300 f/4 can be used by some people handheld aided by IS. I am not steady enough to do that having a jittery left arm/hand so most shots are used with a tripod with this combination.

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