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Re: EPL1 or the EPM2 is the Best Micro Four Thirds Value For the Buck

Having used my EPL1 for nearly 2 years, I would say 1600 iso works okay, but has noise in jpeg out of camera, perhaps not if you process raw to remove, but many of us doing personal travel and family photos just use jpeg I imagine, because of Olympus excellent jpeg engine. If I wanted to do more serious photos, I would move up to OMD, or bring along my Nikons with good glass.

That said I really love my EPL1 for many reasons, including the larger buttons for my hands, (the newer ones have small buttons), and it is sturdy and with the right MSC lenses in reasonably good light, picture quality can match APSC cameras in my opinion. I have medium size prints from EPL1 in my house next to APSC prints and you cannot tell the difference. EPL1 has reasonably quick AF focus with MSC lenses, and I like versatility of 14-150mm lens as one lens travel solution and primes, of course are good like the 45mm etc. Pop up flash makes indoor photos with zooms very handy if you mix flash with moderate isos from 320 iso to 800 iso indoors depending on distance to subject (first thing I learned is that the bit higher isos extend the popup flash distance range indoors and is very handy with zooms if you are not using primes indoors and you do not need to add external flash if you do not have one with you) and the TTL on the EPL1 pop up flash is much better, then my LX5 popup which blows out closeup objects constantly unless manually set. EPL1 popup does not blow out highlights in closeups, especially when I focus spot off faces and recompose and this makes jpegs work well.

Oddly EPL1 does not have much resale value despite its great IQ in the right conditions, and I will keep it, despite maybe getting a second body like EPM2 or EPL5 for faster AF focus speed to capture my kids running in activities, which EPL1 can struggle at times and of course the new sensor advantages for low light. EPL1 has very decent quality up to 800 iso for noise, (useable but not totally great at 1600 iso and above) and I imagine the newer generation sensor models will give great photos to 3200 iso with minimal noise.

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