Action shots for 4/3 camera

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Re: Action shots for 4/3 camera

I will let you know next week    .  Last week I took the EM5 and Pany 100-300 to the beach.  Unfortunately none of the surfers (Kite Surfers) have arrived yet and there was only one young couple taking their first lesson .   I can say that I had absolutely no problem shooting the Kite ... lol .  Shooting the surfer/board at the end of the lines maybe a bigger problem

I have a few galleries shot with my Nikons but some health and mobility concerns means I really want to make the EM5 work even if it means fewer keepers and harder work.!i=1239486374&k=VNxWxB6

I cannot go this weekend but will definitely go next week.


ps the combo was a lot of fun shooting other action on the beach

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