X-E1 Vs Nex-7 Vs D600

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Re: X-E1 Vs Nex-7 Vs D600

e268 wrote:


You can judge for yourself.

XE1 is better than D600 in high ISO but, D600 is better in low ISO.

I'm noo too convinced by it. All I see in THISlink is a clear-cut win for the D600 with regards to detail. If you shrank the D600 image down to the size of the X-E1's, obviously the D600 wouldn't look so grainy. Also, due to the extra detail in the image at the same size, it would allow you to bump the NR (in-camera if you want), resulting in low visible noise like in the X-E1, but perhaps still with more detail. I wouldn't be surprised if the D600 had better image quality, but I'd still rather own an X-E1.

Anyway, I don't really take image quality tests too seriously when it's between "really great" and "really great + 1", especially if they're out-of-camera JPEGs. If you're not comparing RAW images (even if they're a bit worked over), then you're not comparing the potential of the camera. Comparing JPEGs only means you're comparing default settings chosen by the manufacturer. This is why Nikon, Sony, and Pentax can all produce a DSLR with the same sensor, end up with nearly identical RAW image quality, and yet produce such different OOC JPEGs. The settings can be optimized to their liking before judging things NR weighed against detail (for example), but reviewers don't do this.

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