Nikon D800 to Nikon D7000.....a logical downgrade?

Started Nov 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
RDMSguy Junior Member • Posts: 49
Re: Nikon D800 to Nikon D7000.....a logical downgrade?

JHWJR wrote:

They just aren't that different. Put the D800 on a tripod, and it will outshine the D7000. Use a cable release and Mirror Up, even more so.

The D800 will outshine the D7000 in any circumstance. Tripod or handheld, it's not even close. The resolution, autofocus system, external controls, build quality are worlds apart from the D7000. The notion that people seem to have around these forums, that it must be fastened to tripod to get sharp results, is silly.

To me the only real benefits the D7000 over the D800 are: 6 FPS shooting, light weight, quiet shutter, and great selection of high quality DX only lenses for low prices.

I love the D7000. It served me well before I upgraded to the D800. But it's not even close to the D800 for any situation.

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