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Re: Looking for Aspen prints

Dan Bryce wrote:

Hello all,

I have unfortunately missed the window this year to try and capture the image that I have in my head of the photograph I'd like to frame and hang on my wall. I am therefor hoping to find and purchase a very good print that approximates this vision in my head. I've done multiple google searches that have yielded a few good results but nothing I'm truly excited about.

Here's what I'm after, its a pretty picky list:

1. Aspen trees, could go as few as 2 or 3 all the way up to many.

2. A shot of the body of the tree trunks without the ground or tops showing.

3. Landscape orientation

4. Preferably not directly sun lit. Despite this I want it to look bright and vibrant.

5. It needs to be mostly tree trunks with splashes of very yellow leaves, not the reverse. I'm after the color scheme. Could also have bright red in addition to yellow but again just splashes of color.

6. Not overly 'branchy'

7. Highly detailed excellent photography capable of looking excellent even with a very large print. Up to 48" on the width. I'm specifically looking for a shot that really captures the beauty and correct color of the bark.

8. Would prefer a true artist here but have to be careful because I'm not sure I can afford it.

I hope this request for help doesn't seem ridiculous, but in all honesty I doubt I could capture the image as I've described it even if I wasn't too late in the season, and I'm just looking for someone who already has. Any websites, specific photographers etc you can help me with would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks!

Take a look at Peter Lik's home page.


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