If you could...would you..???

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Re: If you could...would you..???

I had an A65 and moved to the A77 - I returned my A65 just within my return window.  I'm absolutely happy that I did - my main reason was micro-adjust for lenses but I find the control options give me the rapid flexibility to change my shooting parameters as I desire.

As others have noted, the most bang for the buck between the A57 and A77 would be in purchasing additional lenses for an A57 - with the caveat that you don't need micro-adjust and/or do not change shooting parameters on the fly (ie. A, S, MFNR, HDR, etc.) where the memory modes come in handy.

As a newcomer to DSLR/SLT, I'd lean towards an A57 and additional lenses.  On the other hand, if you're a fast study, will quickly learn your camera's limitations and want more....and will be haunted by the "I wish I'd gone for the A77" (ie. what I really wanted), then it might make more sense to change while you have the optimal opportunity.

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