How to attach your camera+lens to safari vehicle

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Re: How to attach your camera+lens to safari vehicle

I've been to East Africa twice in recent years (2007 and 2010) and I can tell you that the type of camera support you need depends a great deal on the type of vehicle you'll be in.  The two 17-day safaris I went on used 9 passenger Land Rover type vehicles and vans.  Both had seats removed in the back to make more room for the photographers to stand and shoot out of the roof that pops up.  In my case, the most effective support system was a couple of bean (actually corn) bags.  I took two empty bean bags with me and we filled them once we got to the first game preserve.  This is the only way to go if you are shooting out of the top of a vehicle.  Vehicle movement due to passengers moving shouldn't be a problem unless the vehicle is packed with people.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in going to East Africa on a photography safari I can highly recommend Paul Renner Safaris.  Paul is an American Professional Photographer who was raised in East Africa and he speaks fluent Swahili.  He limits his trips to about 18 people and limits the number of photographers in a single vehicle to 3.  Most, if not all of the other safari vehicles I saw there were jammed with people, hanging out of the windows trying to get a shot.

I hope you enjoy your trip as much as I enjoyed mine.  It is a life changing experience.

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