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Re: Please comment on my website

Automatic audio without a way to turn it off (really even with) is unacceptable.  Consider how many people browse at work -- just having it pop up means they will click away and not come back.

Contrary to another post I liked the logo (but consistent with it I'm older and do know it's a lens).

Seriously, take the advice - lose the flash.  WAY too many systems that don't use it and growing.  I'm old school PC user most times, but a LOT of my own browsing now while travelling is on an Android, and flash just makes me leave a site.  HTML5 is readily available and can do the same thing.

Some of your shots were really good, some were not so great.   It's hard to give you feedback as they aren't numbered or anything, but for example the guy with the jacket is OK, the kid's face is way too bright, the girl lying acing the camera nice with good depth, the guy sitting on the rail with the very nice background I liked a lot.  The couple facing opposite directions lying I hate but can't really explain why. A lot of the blonde's shots make her look fat, not very flattering, but some of them (like the face on) look very nice.  FWIW.

But seriously -- the audio is a huge turnoff.  I HATE sites that automatically start playing, and usually go immediately away and never return.  Offer a button to turn on audio perhaps.  Or if you really, really disagree at least put a discrete "Silence" button.

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