What is this Iso magic?

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Re: What is this Iso magic?

Nordstjernen wrote:

splashy wrote:

I don't want to start a new Iso trolling discussion, but I really wonder.

For month I see discussions about bad high Iso performance of A77, now I see good pictures are produced with A77 on high Iso.

Is this because we learned how to handle the camera, or wasn't it so bad at all to begin with?

Or is it the latest software. Nothing was in the documentation.

A combination of all, I think. From I got my first A77 I have claimed that the A77 high ISO performance is pretty good, for real world photography pretty much as good as other top aps-c cameras.

I also think that posted underexposed samples was part of the problem.

Another problem is people reading graphs and tables, but don't really understand what the figures mean for real world results.

Careful what you guys say or someone will accuse you of being a member of a vast 24MP conspiracy like I was. I mean, using terms like "real world results" and "software" when they are well known 24MP fanboy buzzwords is sure to set off alarms around here.....

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