What do you think of these pics?

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Re: What do you think of these pics?

I appreciate the comments, so I'll give you a little explanation.

There were two approaches to this shoot:

First, my friend wanted some interesting portraits in his suit. Because of his defined facial features like his jawline, he really liked the split lighting effect. I did use a reflector for some fill on a couple of the pics, but only to prevent complete falloff on the unlit side.

The other purpose of this shoot was to teach my other friend about balancing flash with ambient. I purposely underexposed the ambient by two or three stops (but at that point, it was literally almost complete darkness - hence the relatively high ISO's and slow SS on some of the pics).

When some of you say "dark", are you referring to the overall picture? Or just the ambient? I don't think he is underexposed, and the backgrounds are dark purposely so.

When I processed these in Lightroom, idiot me did not have my calibrated screen profile enabled, so there may be some darkness from that (but at the same time, I'm now viewing them on a properly calibrated screen, and they don't appear all that much darker than before).

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