Canon 300mm F2.8 ll + 1.4 VS. Sigma 500mm F4.5

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Re: Canon 300mm F2.8 ll + 1.4 VS. Sigma 500mm F4.5

anthhope wrote:

garyknrd wrote:

I have never been satisfied with the new 300mm F2.8 lens for resolving power since I bought it. It is a good lens without T.C's and with all the hype I wanted to check it against a much lower rated Sigma lens for resolving.

My suspicions were pretty much confirmed for me. And my copy of the new Canon lens.

I own the Sigma 500mm F 4.5 prime and the Sigma 300mm F 2.8 prime as well as the Canon 300mm F 2.8 ll and Canon 500mm F 4.0 IS lenses now. So a good time for some tests. I am now curious about the new Canon 300mm ll against the Sigma 300mm F 2.8 prime. But I am almost sure the Canon will win handily.

I had the 500mm Sigma lens move back about a meter and shot the Canon stopped down to 5.6. When viewing the Raw files it is very clear the 500 just runs away with the prize. The 300 puts in a good effort but just cannot resolve detail like the much lower MTF chart rated Sigma and much cheater I might add.

Hi Gary,

I've been thinking of buying the Sigma, but was worried about the review saying that the AF is slow. Do you have any problems with the AF?

I think your results are what I would expect. I think a bare prime lens will always produce better IQ then a lens with a converter.

Its very hard to find users of the Sigma, so this thread has been great info for me.


Just getting back online. Been busy lately.

Anthony, the only Sigma I can really recommend for birding is the Sigma 500mm lens. I do not have it in the Canon or Nikon mount it is screw AF? So AF is slow compared to HSM type systems. But it is a sharp lens and very small compared to Canon's 500mm lens. I have the 300mm 2.8 prime in Sigma and it is just not that good? Or mine is not, ( for birding ).

Sorry I can not be of more help.

My Canon 300 is going back to Canon for one more check before I decide what to do. I am going to make a list. And give it to Canon service. I live fairly close so I will deliver it in person.

Here is a list of my Problems.

1. MTF chart shows the Canon to be sharper with a T.C. 1.4 or 2.0 than the Sigma 500mm lens. Why is it not as sharp? Is the problem with the T.C.? Is the problem with the lens? Is the problem with the Camera?

I am taking this back to Canon. If they are going to publish MTF charts that are clearly not so? And charge a premium for a product that does not preform to there spec's.

Why? It just infuriates me to no end to be ripped off to this extent for a product that is clearly a misrepresented product. Have the nerve to publish spec's then Intentionally sell me a inferior product.

I am hoping it is a hardware problem. But have my doubts.

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