LR4: setting white and black point

Started Nov 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
stormyboy Contributing Member • Posts: 744
Re: LR4: setting white and black point

I'm no expert, but I do read the forum comments and books of the experts.  Of course, as long as you are pleased with the image, then that was the correct order for you.  But, I have read that to get optimal use of Lightroom's tools, the top down approach initally is best for the Basic panel.  Why?  Apparently the sliders are designed in Basic to interact well with each other.  Jumping in and limiting with the white and black sliders too soon might minimize the range of your editing abilities.  Rules are made to be broken, but it pays to keep that in mind.

I usually adjust WB, then use the AUTO command.  Next I adjust exposure to taste, and I have a pretty good starting image.

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