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Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

That's a convenient interpretation of the word "photograph" that perfectly fits your preconceived ideas about photography, but which is not supported by any English dictionary, nor etymology. While you undoubtedly know much more than I do about common usage of modern Greek, it is obvious that you know much less than I do about how English words rooted in ancient Greek morphemes have developed their meanings.

Ok listen..., it not ancient Greek, it's modern! ...photography was not around when ancient Greece was and it doesn't have different meaning in any other language, ...it's exactly the same!

The ​root morphemes​ (meaningful word parts) of the modern English word "photograph" are from ancient, not modern, Greek. While the ancient Greeks did not have photography, they did have light and drawing and writing. The words "photograph," "photographic," "photography," etc. are rooted in the morphemes, but were coined recently to describe a modern scientific and artistic process.

No recording on no film is a photograph... a slide is a slide and a negative is a negative... if you print them they become a photograph!

A slide is a ​photographic​ slide, and a negative is a ​photographic​ negative. You cannot continue to participate in a shared language and also change it to suit your interests. Your practice of narrowing the meaning of the word "photograph" removes you from participation in the shared lexicon, with the result that people stop wanting to continue to attempt to have a dialogue with you, leaving you to present a monologue -- exactly what you see happening in this thread. Of course, this may be what you wanted to happen, as you end up able to maintain a view of yourself as somehow more sophisticated than anyone who does not agree with you.

Photography is the process of achieving the photograph, this includes to visualize , compose, set the exposure, focus, expose to the light sensitive area, extract the image from the light sensitive area, develop it to be printable, and print it to become a photograph...

I would agree that the photograph the camera records can then be manipulated to create an altered photograph. Dodging and burning, for example, are certainly forms of drawing with light (or its digital equivalent). And it is likewise perfectly fair to call the end product of either the printing process or the displaying on a monitor process a photograph. The word "photograph" is flexible in this way, because all it literally means is "light drawing" -- a single denotation with many connotations. Your efforts to narrow it to mean only a photographic print are neither appropriate nor appreciated by people who understand and make use of the flexibility of the word.

If you feel different (or as many others as you want that could possibly agree with you) please discuss it with these others...., Thanks for quoting back....

You're welcome, and I appreciate your increasing politeness. However, this is not a matter of agreement or disagreement between a few people on an internet forum; this is a matter of the actual range of meaning of a word in the English language, which can be known by referring to any English dictionary. In other words, it has already been agreed upon by the English speaking world.

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