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brianj wrote:

john1900 wrote:

Have you had a situation where you felt that it was ok to take a picture of someone but in the middle of taking the picture the person yell at you with a loud voice no to take the picture?

We celebrated Halloween in our company and we always take pictures of every body who dress up with their different characters but there was this lady who was dressed up as a cowboy and I kindly asked her if I could take a picture of her but she refused as I was going to shoot her with a hand gun. Later on in the party she was with other people taking pictures of her.

I really felt very bad.

I’d like to know what your reaction was and what did you do or say? Thanks.

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Canon Person.

If she didn't want me to take her picture then I wouldn't.


I can understand if she did not want to, but it is very harsh when someone screams at you. Photography is very frustrating sometimes.  In the other hand, sometimes I have people asking me to take their picture and e-mail it to them. Very convenient! ha, ha, ha.

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Canon Person.

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