Newb thinking about Nikon D5200 vs saving for D600, I know...

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Re: Newb thinking about Nikon D5200 vs saving for D600, I know...

sjgcit wrote:

Well let's start with that rumored D5200.

No, it won't be as good as the 2-year old D7000. However from your point of view the difference will be mute, as you don't understand enough to tell the difference. The D7000 seems to be proving rather a handful for some beginners ( too complex ).

Here's the problem with weather resistance : it's not enough for the camera to be weather resistant, the lens has to be as well.

The other thing to note is that they sell cheap rain sleeves for DSLRs. People have been using them for decades.

Is the Pentax lens selection enough for not enough. Well, to start with they have the 18-55 WR and 55-200 WR kit lenses, which have a basic level of weather resistance. They're the only kit lenses that anyone makes that are, AFAIK.

When it becomes a problem is if you want something more exotic. If you want something like a 400mm f2.8 there isn't one, for example. However there are lenses covering the "standard" ranges ( say up to 300mm f2.8 ). They're good lenses.

And what those lenses have in common with similar lenses from Nikon and Canon is the price. Those fast sports lenses are expensive ( unless you can afford them easily, then they're not ).

Something to keep in mind - shooting sports action shots like you see on the front of sports magazines is quite difficult ( understatement ). Getting basic sports shots in reasonable light is hard enough. It requires practice and technique. A lot of those.

So maybe start from a D5100 or D7000 or K-5 or K-30. Get basic kit lenses ( 18-55 and 55-200, which are good lenses optically ) and later, when you're ready, you can look for a lens more tailored to sports ( a 70-200 f2.8 or similar ). That lens you'll eventually get with the money you didn't spend on the D600.

By the way those fast sports telephoto lens weight a significant amount ( about 1.5 kg ). They're typically used on monopods or tripods. More technique and more expense.

Don't rush at this.

Here's an example someone took at a football game using a D5000 and a 70-300 lens ( that's a model before the D5100 ).

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Stephen I think I agree with almost everything you said.  I'm confused thou what your position is on Pentax. Do you agree that Nikon is a better long term investment?  Do you think I will miss the autofocavailability of the D7000 if I go the D5200 route?  Wouldn't this be important for sports and low level swing dance shots?

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