What don´t you like about Einstein E640?

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Re: So many things...

I replaced my old Alien Bees with Einsteins and am very satisfied. (2 of the ABs internals burned up with a lot of smoke, but only after 1500 high power discharges over 6 hours on a 95 degree day...we took photos of individuals and families posing with the Stanley Cup, one every 15 seconds!)

The Einsteins are tough from my experience. I did a recent photo shoot at the local civic center pool. I took care to avoid electrical cord contact with the water, but one of my C stands fell over with an Einstein attached to a Buff beauty dish. The Einstein was 7-8 feet above the pool deck on a boom (I should have used sand bags). The loud crash broke the modeling light and the flash tube, but the strobe itself appeared intact, and after bulb replacements, it works like new. Buff even replaced the flash tube at no charge. I am very impressed with the durability and the customer service.

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