Which ultra wide angle lens for Venice (or do I actually need one)?

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Re: Which ultra wide angle lens for Venice (or do I actually need one)?

I was a newbie photographer about to go to Venice in 2009 and had exactly the same thoughts as you, "I need an UWA". I got one, the Sigma 10-20, and off we went. Me, my D50, my 16-85, my 35/1.8 and my sparkling new 10-20. In the end, I used the 16-85 the most. Even in Venice, 10mm was often too wide, diminishing narrow alleyways into lines and pushing the buildings of Grande Canale way back.
Looking through my pictures now, I do have some shots at 16mm, but most of my pictures seem to be around 24-60mm. Many of the canals are long and to get details, you need to zoom further into them and the buildings are covered with interesting details (statues, crumbling stone etc).
Next time I go to Venice I'll probably grab my 20mm (nowadays shooting FX), mostly to get a shot of St Marks with the campanula, but what I won't go without are primes. My 35/1.8 was also a pretty new friend back in 2009, but I found it invaluable when walking the dark streets of Venice at night.
So don't worry about not having a UWA, but bring a 35/50-prime if you have one.

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