FZ200 Concert Photos - October 28

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Re: FZ200 Concert Photos - October 28

sherman_levine wrote:

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sherman_levine wrote:

Nice pictures.

Silly question...Why did you use shutter priority? If you had used aperture priority at f/2.8 and ISO 400 then the shutter would have adjusted automatically?


It's probably habit from using other cameras at concerts over the years with constantly changing light conditions... using continuous mode... and the camera not seeming to choose a satisfying shutter speed for me. Given the low light conditions, the cameras tend to choose a shutter speed that is too slow to capture the action... so i preferred to manually adjust shutter on the fly and became comfortable doing so in a moments notice and got good at judging what the given conditions called for... i'm sure at times my shots turned out a bit underexposed as a consequence of allowing me to better capture the action.... as i'd rather have a focused still shot that is a little dark than one that is blurred and bright... as i at least had a chance of some PP recovery.
A concert is just a constantly changing mix of not only light (which not only varies in one place instant to instant but is very different on any given spot on stage)... and the band members may be standing still in good light, and then a chorus will be ending or building which generally indicates they will be moving faster... which allows me to predicatively increase shutter speed to better handle the action myself than trust the camera to do the near impossible in predicting the increased motion of a jump or dash across stage.
I will certainly do more tests with the FZ200 and the advantages the 2.8 provides in these conditions.

Another option might be using M mode with 2.8 and your lowest tolerable shutter speed, and use auto iso to handle the exposure. I've not tried it myself, but that's the way the camera should work



Would this be a good option for wildlife photography toward dusk or dawn as well?

Some great shots by the way!


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