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Re: Two examples

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

GroWeb wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

....a photograph is a print by definition, and photography is the process of creating it! ...Are you sure you have attended an elementary school for language and the use of words....?


"Photo" means "light" and "graph" means "drawing" or "writing" (these are from ancient Greek roots). Thus "photography" is the process of writing or drawing with light. In a film SLR, this happens as the mirror lifts and allows photons to interact with the emulsion on the film. In a DSLR, this happens as the mirror lifts and allows photons to reach the sensor, the photons are counted and mapped, and the result is saved (written) as a RAW file. The RAW file is thus the photograph. The print is not the photograph; it is a print (third generation copy from a .tif or .jpg file) of the photograph. In common usage the print is called a photograph; but so is the image displayed on a monitor.

I attended university for language and the use of words.

And I must say that I am getting a bit sick of your unfriendly and rude responses to people, and your patent unwillingness to open your mind to any viewpoint that differs from your own.

Thanks for trying to teach me Greek... I am sorry for your inability to understand that A photograph can only be ONE that is the printed conclusion of the photographers visualization... (hence, an image that alters from screen to screen is not photography). You (and others) may want to be a part of a photograhic community..,. this doesn't mean that you can alter fundamentals or influence them... (nor it means that you are part of it because you want to). Please don't try to convince me on fundamentals again... try to get a good photographer as to teach you what photography is first....

Thanks again..., bye.


That's a convenient interpretation of the word "photograph" that perfectly fits your preconceived ideas about photography, but which is not supported by any English dictionary, nor etymology. While you undoubtedly know much more than I do about common usage of modern Greek, it is obvious that you know much less than I do about how English words rooted in ancient Greek morphemes have developed their meanings.

Furthermore, you have absolutely no basis for attacking my knowledge or skill in photography, as you have never met me, seen my photographs, nor heard/read anything I might have said or written about the subject. So you are merely being insulting and offensive due to a complete lack of substance in your idiosyncratic, self-serving definition of "photograph" versus my well-reasoned and clear explanation of that word's etymology and usage.

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