Official EOS 1D X DXOMark score released: 82/100

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Ecniv wrote:

are 100% bang on! Any of the cameras you just mentioned plus a number of more not mentioned are fantastic with not much separating them in the IQ department. Yes, it is obvious that depending on your discipline one camera may be better than the other eg. Sports, Landscape etc. , but how do you reconcile what you say with the likes of VivaLasVegas ???

I don't want to single out Viva here, but it is obvious that some people, using any number of brands, get very emotionally involved in their brand preferences, and sometimes make statements that I'm sure they realize, at some time or another, are not really appropriate to the situation. One can only hope that this situation may simply get "better" on this forum.

However, I do temper that description with the knowledge that there have been some extraordinarily vehement criticism on this particular forum of just about anything that Canon makes, much unlike the situation on other forums here and a rather odd state of affairs. Maybe one can partially mark this down to the sometimes natural tendancy of people to "pick on the big guy" that we see in almost all areas of public life. But, for all the people who feel as does Viva, please be assured that a giant company like Canon can defend itself quite nicely without our help.

In the end, it may be best to limit one's comments to the actual merits or demerits of the posts either critical or in praise of Canon gear and the quiet shunning of the strange trolls that also sometimes appear here.



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