Posterisation problems with D5100

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Re: Not seeing a problem

Thank you for the tips.

As a side issue, why did you say the below regarding these test shots? it seems a bit unfair........

Shunda, go take about twenty thousand photos with your wonderful camera, then come back and pontificate all you like.

But before you return from your vision quest in the wilderness and reintroduce the new, spiritually elevated, reincarnated Shunda to a waiting world, be sure to take down the fails in your gallery and replace them with pictures that look like something other than the paltry snaps produced by about ten million first time DSLR users every year.

While you're on your approximately two year internet sabbatical, I'd strongly recommend learning how not to blow highlights so completely in spite of the amazing dynamic range of your allegedly superior D5100. Remember, it's better than the D600, or so you said. It is certainly possible, you simply as yet have no earthly idea how to accomplish it. Then move on to leveling a horizon, color balance, composition, sharpening, noise reduction, all that good stuff you never got around to reading about.

It takes practice, something you haven't got time for while you're in here throwing your 90 pounds around.

Until then, you're out on a limb and sawing hard. And entertaining some folks, true enough :^)

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