First attempts at Studio style portraits...

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Re: First attempts at Studio style portraits...

In the first image, the lighting is off and you begin to lose the subjects eyes, more so on the camera left side.  If the main source was an overhead light, I would pull it back towards the camera a bit.

Second image is ok and looks like a fine snapshot.  Posing and styling of the clothes as others mentioned would be key.

Third image there's an odd shadow on her camera right eye, it sort of creates a vortex...this shadow is corrected in the following image.

In the last image it looks ok, my only thing is tilt.  I see lot's of camera tilt, but what is the purpose of it?  Every portion of an image should have purpose or place such as color, lighting, tilt, and many other points.  I don't see his pose as warranting the tilt...if there was a more funkisized pose or something of that nature then of course I understand, but doesn't work much here.

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