Official EOS 1D X DXOMark score released: 82/100

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Re: Rest assure...

ak1999 wrote:

I would say that you have already lost objectivity by using term "Sonikon".

FYI, D4 sensor has no Sony technology or involvement.

BTW I like my recently acquired 5DMK3 but I think Canon needs to improve their sensor technology/fabrication.

Perhaps you percieve lack of objectiivity in that phrase, "Sonikon", but I don't and can't imagine how you can come to that conclusion. It is merely a well understood shorthand for a range of imaging sensors currently manufactured for Nikon and Sony cameras by Sony and some few other sensors manufactured by some other fabrication companies for some of Nikons other cameras. There. Do you not see that it is so much easier, faster and less complicated to merely write "Sonikon?" The bias here is obviously in the eye of the beholder.

Of course, I know that the D4 sensor isn't manufactured by Sony or Nikon, but with Nikon design input by some other fabricator. That is also a well understood fact on this forum.

I too have a 5D3. Of course, I would like its sensor to be even better than it already is. What person wouldn't want something "better." The real point, as I outlined above, is not that at all.



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