7D vs 5DIII- there really IS a substantial difference!

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Re: 7D vs 5DIII- there really IS a substantial difference!

KatManDEW wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

KatManDEW wrote:

I got a 5D3 this past spring, and all I can say is that the crop camp needs to drink less kool aid MUCH less kool aid...

The truth is that the 7D and 5DIII won't be very different for any picture that they can both take.

So you're saying it's the FF camp that's drinking kool aid, and the 5D3 doesn't really have any better image quality than the 7D?

I think the point being made is that, in this particular example, the OP could have gotten very similar results with a 7D with the right lens. In other words, there was enough light for the 7D to produce similar results to the 5D3 - at least in terms of high ISO noise levels. I'd have to agree.

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