Which lenses?

Started Nov 1, 2012 | Questions thread
blue_cheese Senior Member • Posts: 1,839

Did you just say that 300mm on DX is not needed because of the crop factor? My 55-300 works great at 300mm on subjects that are a 1.4m away. I don't consider a meter and a half "that far away"

Also please look up your facts... the crop factor is NOT a magnification, it is a crop. Focal length remains the same and as an attribute of the lens DOES NOT change when used on DX vs FX. DX sensors simply get a smaller part of the image. FX images are the same thing with 50% more all around. The level of detail is dependent on resolving power and pixel density.

That is like saying " hey guys... lets all get wide angle lenses and crop". Do you re-calculate your focal length for the effective FOV when you crop in PP?

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