Newb thinking about Nikon D5200 vs saving for D600, I know...

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Newb thinking about Nikon D5200 vs saving for D600, I know...

My budget obviously is flexible...and I know you'd all love to stretch it as much as possible.

What I plan to shoot:

-Sports such as disc golf, ultimate frisbee, baseball in daylight  (it could rain though during any of these events)

-Lower light swing dancing events


- Weather sealed is a plus cause it may rain.  I mean it's not NEEDED really cause I guess I could just put it in a zip lock bag if it rains and back in the backpack right?

- The smaller the better obviously.  I may be biking around with this camera on my bike in my backpack.  The lighter and smaller it is, the better.  A mirrorless camera would be awesome but I have heard they can't autofocus worth crap when it comes to sports and the lens selection is horrible. :/

So I've been waiting for a long time on buying this camera.  Originally the D7000 looked like the perfect camera cause it was weather sealed and I was planning on waiting till a D7100 or 7200 came out but they announced the stupid D600 which is twice the cost.

The Pentax K5 seemed great as well but I hear the lens selection isn't as good as Nikon and I really didn't want to get into a camera family that if I really started to like photography and I wanted to upgrade Nikon would give me more future options than Pentax.

Why not the D7000?  Well this camera is 2 years old and the D5200 might be a better camera for the money no?

My thought is to start with the D5200, get a good sports lens and low light lens and then graduate in a couple years to a better Nikon body?  The only thing I worry about is the weather proofing and if the D5200 can freeze action shots and handle low light... :/

Is there anything in Canon lineup I'm missing or are my assumptions about mirrorless false?  What do you guys think?

Nikon D5200 Nikon D600 Nikon D7000 Nikon D7100 Pentax K-5
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