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Re: Frank Doorhof on the Sony A99

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jonikon wrote:

Also the a99 is not a professional level camera. The a99s auto focus and viewfinder were borrowed from the a77 APS-C camera, and the body is not all metal (like the D800), but plastic at the critical lens mount area, (much like the D600). Nor is there a professional support system for the a99 like Nikon and Canon provide to professionals. Nice FF camera, maybe. Pro body, no.

- Jon

What's your point exactly?

The D800 and D4 use the same AF sensor. Would you want to knock the D4 down a few notches and feel it is way overpriced because it is using the same AF sensor as a camera that is half its cost? If the AF works well, it works well. No need to fix what isn't broken. Also, whose to say they didn't tweak the AF sensor since its initial inception in the A77? And don't forget that it is coupled with the on sensor AF assist points.

We can also say the same about the viewfinder. The D4 and D800 use the same viewfinder. What makes that any different than the A77 and A99? Both offer great viewfinders for their field, just so happens one is OVF in the Nikon realm and the Sony is EVF. But each brand is sharing the same part with a lesser or more expensive sibling. It just so happens that while the A99 is only $1400 more expensive than the A77 while the D4 is $3000 more than the D800.

Your analogy is not valid. Both the D800 and D4 are professional grade full frame cameras and don't use the viewfinder, AF sensors, or body build of any of their APS-C DSLRs, like the a99 shares with the a77.

I won't even get into the more expensive D4 having fewer MPs than the D800.

So are you saying a true professional DSLR can't have a plastic mount area?

Your D7000 is plastic in that area (much more so than the A77 and A99). Does that make your camera any less of a photographic tool? Is engineering grade plastic inferior to metal in that area or does it just give the impression of such?

Also keep in mind that the Canon EOS 5D MkIII also has a plastic mount area. The EOS 1D X, I can't say with 100% certainty, but looks to have a similar mount area like the 5D. Does that make them non-professional cameras? No, it does not.

The Canon EOS 5D MkIII body does have a metal mount area.

Canon EOS 5D MkIII

But the Sony a99 does not.

Sony a99 metal body without plastic inserts.

The Nikon D800 body

Nikon D800 metal body

The mount from the 5DMKIII is screwed on a plastic chassis though:

Should makes you wonder what's really stronger, rather than assuming like you did.

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