The world's worst question

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The world's worst question


I used to be into music and home recording. I frequented the forums. The question we all hated was, "What gear should I buy?"

Now I'm into photography. And I'm here to humbly ask: What camera should I buy?

I apologize in advance for how horribly annoying this is. For any of you who have the patience to help me out, I am forever in your debt.

Here goes:


I want it to be physically big and solid. I am 6'8" and have huge hands. I'm currently auditioning a Sony DSC-RX100, and can't stand how small it feels in my hands. I like my Nikon P7100 for its bulkiness.Bulk is a good thing, in my book.

I want Bokeh. I love it. I don't want to have to fake it. I want it readily accessible. I was able to get a good version of it on the Fuji x100 I borrowed. (Sadly, I had to give that camera back to the guy from whom I borrowed it.)

Aesthetics matter to me. I love the way Leicas look, and I love the aesthetic purity and "engineering" sensibility of their cameras. Same for the Fuji x100 I used. Loved how solid it felt and how good it looked.

I don't like presets. Not only do I feel insulted by them, I feel like they represent added circuitry that could be better used for other valuable functionality. The Sony DSC-RX100, though it takes really nice pictures, makes me nauseous by treating me like I'm a third-grader. I want easy access to important features so that I can learn how to get the look I want by doing it the right way.

I have quite a folder on my hard drive of photos that represent what I'm after. It's hard sometimes to separate the content of the shots from the approach; in other words, maybe my saved photos speak less to the type of camera I need than to the type of subjects I should seek out. That said, I hope someone can help me find a pattern here and make an informed choice about what camera to pursue.

Key words: moody. Drama. Big fan of Edward Hopper. For that matter, I've really liked some of the photo work I've seen from Dennis Hopper. (All the Hopper boys…) Sometimes I feel like most of the photos I like have a certain distortion to them, a certain sense of being filtered or haunted.

If anyone can help me out, I'll be happy to post some of my "what I'm after" photos somewhere so you can help me make a choice.

I'm seriously considering the Fuji X-Pro 1. But that could be for all the wrong reasons.

Thoughts? Help? Mercy? Forgiveness?

Thank you.

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