First Halloween with my X-E1

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Re: First Halloween with my X-E1

Here's a link to a thread at SeriousCompacts about XE1 compared to the EM5:

For me, I like the form of the XE1 better, because I like aperture rings and shutter speed dials. The XE1 is also slightly larger, whereas the EM5 is a little too small for my hands.

The EM5 is more user friendly in terms of customization of buttons. The EM5 has 4 or 5 buttons that is user customizable, which is something I always look for in cameras. The XE1 has one button. Problem with the EM5 is that it sometimes gets difficult to push the buttons because the buttons are small and my face gets in the way of my fingers when I'm using the EVF!

As discussed ad naseum in lots of other threads, the EM5 is operationally faster than the XE1 in just about every way. From AF speed and accuracy to changing settings, playback, deleting photos, etc. The XE1 is more of a "thinker's" camera. I didn't see a whole lot of improvement in AF performance (when compared to the XPro1 pre-firmware 2.0) when using the 35/1.4 lens. Maybe it's a whole different story using the new 18-55 zoom.

As also discussed ad naseum, the XE1/XPro1 has the edge in image quality over the EM5. Although I'm sure some m4/3 users will dispute that. It doesn't mean that the EM5's image quality sucks. To the contrary, I like them too. But in my opinion, the XE1 strikes a better balance between noise control and detail. And the better DOF control is a definite plus.

Luckily, I have both. But if I had to have just one, I'd probably go with the EM5 due to the better operational performance, which would give me more flexibility to shoot a variety of subjects (along with the large collection of m4/3 glass that I have and which is available). But having both of them, I can see myself reaching for the XE1 more often than the EM5. The XE1 is like the X100 for me -- it makes me want to go take more photos.

Hope that helps!

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