Official EOS 1D X DXOMark score released: 82/100

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Re: Rest assure...

marike6 wrote:

...that the D4, D800, D800e and D600 have better performing sensors in every way. It's also interesting that, as DxOMark points, out some 53 cameras produce better DR scores than the Canon flagship 1DX.

At the risk of coming off as partisan and non-objective as marike6 appears to be, I must say that I find posts like his difficult ones in which to find any merit at all. First, looking at his posting history, he seems to most likely have absolutely no real current Canon experience or ownership, and his tone is just a little bit too self assured and superior in its conclusion - "rest assured" - as though some were really spending some sleepless nights worried that Sonikon sensors wouldn't score better in DXO's testing.

Perhaps I am making too much of the obvious trolling aspect of marike6's post. As to the point of his post, let this stand as at least the 100th or so time that I or someone else in this forum has said the obvious - yes, according to the way DXO weights its measurements, and the way they subjectively score their weighted measurements, recent Sonikon sensors, even those placed in some rather more modest cameras, will have higher scores than Canon's current crop of DSLR's. Why people feel the need to continue to state this obvious and well worn theme here is a real head-scratcher. Schadenfreude from those who have owned cameras much less capable than camparable Canon cameras in the past doesn't even begin to explain this phenomenon. Whatever the cause, however, the whole point that this poster, and others of his ilk, labor so hard to repeat is so less important to the taking of actual pictures with actual cameras than one would gather from their (and DXO's) perspective, that it is almost at the point of a type of sad comedy, repeated ad infinitum.

For the 100th time, yes, higher low ISO DR is a good thing in itself, even the maximum 1 f/stop difference between the 1Dx and the D4. So is the Canon sensor advantage for DR at high ISO that exist in some comparisons. And so is the low overall noise at native output size of the latest Canon sensors which literally tie with or sometimes even better the latest SoNikon sesnors. But all of this is just sensor measuring errata, some of which are conveniently weighted to show a somewhat uneven advantage for Sonikon sensor characteristics using DXO subjective criteria. And, low ISO DR and the very, very slim advantage for Sonikons in DXO's "color" catategories, are not so great as to hinder any reasonably good photographer from taking great pictures with Canon DSLR's or enough to allow Sonikon shooters to take pictures any better than those with Canon cameras. The differences are at the far margins of usefullness; almost all current modern sensors are at present marvellously capable. There are no "orders of magnitude" differences in any of the sensors from any of the three companies as far as real picture taking performance is concerned.

But, then again, cameras are not sensors. I challenge you to take a sensor into the woods to take a picture. Won't work, will it? And, finally, if you were to equip a group of 20 equally talented, knowledgable and resourceful photographers, with 10 having 1Dx's and 5D3's plus 10 having D4's and D800's, and viewed their results in almost every condition conceivable with no bias, it would be pretty obvious that there were no real advantage for either group when viewing their results, except for the greater image size from the 1Dx over the D4 and that of the D800 over the 5D3. Enough said.



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