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Horshack wrote:

XeroJay wrote:

But this also tells me that anyone who truly believes that this is good technique, is NOT a working professional who works on location with PAYING clients. If I showed my clients an image of an almost black scene of their wedding pics on the day of, then said "Oh, I know it looks dark, but just wait until I adjust it later", They would probably get pretty blood nervous about my capabilities, and would most likely want to see the final results a lot sooner, and wouldn't pay their final payments until I did show them the results. Not to mention, the guy who does my colour corrections would think I had a stroke while shooting.

There are techniques for producing the best image possible and techniques for producing the highest number of paying clients; sometimes the two are orthogonal. For your scenario you could always snap off shots at the higher nominal ISO to show clients immediately but process ISOless for the final deliveries.

Fine for some photographers, who have every luxury when it comes to time and post production technique. Not cool for someone who has more professional tightropes to walk.

That's a fair point - ISOless shooting certainly requires more time to process and may be unsuitable for lots of shooting situations, particularly those which require a high volume of photos. On the other hand not every photo on a particular shoot will require ISOless techniques, the same as not every landscape photo requires a GND or polarizer. But having the option when needed is the difference between getting the photo you really want vs getting the photo some engineer decided you'll have.

Now, IF Nikon or Sony were to implement something similar to Canon's HTP mode, for example a "Push-1, Push-2, upto Push-5 stops" setting, we would have something that EVERYONE could use.

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