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Re: All filters of any kind degrade to some degree sometimes!

Nikon recommend that you fit them to all lenses (look in the manual) and despite no one in these discussions seeming to notice they fit them as standard to all their big lenses. They will of course all affect image quality to some extent only you can know whether you can live with the downside. I use B&W on my main lenses since losing the use of them is often a deal breaker. If I get flare I sometimes take them off to see if it makes a difference; it seldom does. I use hoods but hardly ever lens caps once I take them out of the bag. They do offer some protection and are easier to keep clean, they also prevent degradation of the front element coating which can after years of cleaning. Ask a repair engineer if they can tell which lenses have had protective fliters, they will tell you they can easily. I have insurance but that is no good for the shoot I am on or until I can get a replacement. I don't have the anecdote where my lens was saved by a filter but have had scratched filters and taken them off when they got too muddy to shoot through.

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