Adjustable ND Filter (or variable ND) with Micro Four Thirds question...

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Re: Adjustable ND Filter (or variable ND) with Micro Four Thirds question...

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Does anyone successfully use an adjustable ND filters with their M4/s camera. I tried a premium brand a while back, I think a 2x ND to 8xND, and remember a yellow cast and diminished resolution at longer focal lents of my Panny 14-140. It's possibly that I was doing something wrong, or could it have been an effect of the 2x cropping factor of the M4/3?

Thanks in advance.

I use a Lightcraft Fader ND . These are high quality variable ND filters which don't affect sharpness or exhibit colour shifts. They have been copied by many people and it's the cheaper ones that give problems, these don't. Here's an example from the E-P3 and 14-45mm Kit lens, no problems with sharpness or colour.

As the owner of a 'real' and not fake lighcraft vari ND, and the OP of the poor 75mm f1.8, I have to say it is still premmature to say the vari ND filter is the source of my problems. I have yet to test, but the two possibilities that came out were the filter and that f1.8 during bright / harsh llight conditions would lead to the issues i had.

Premature? I showed you a thread with a link to 140+ images from the same session. Many of the images were taken with 75mm F1.8 wide open in light harsher than what you had. None of the images show IQ degradation.
And I'm sure you can find thousands of images taken with 75mm in harsh light on the internet. Don't you think that if the lens exhibited problems someone else would have reported that?

That pretty much eliminates every reason for bad IQ except your filter.

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