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Re: Frank Doorhof on the Sony A99

jonikon wrote:

The Canon EOS 5D MkIII body does have a metal mount area.

Canon EOS 5D MkIII

Damn, I knew I should have stolen a picture off someone elses site and give no credit. Your picture doesn't show irrefutably that it does have metal mount. Check out this tear down at this link from Lens Rental:

And an image from that link:

Looks like some kind of plastic or polymer to me and not metal. So I think you are wrong here.

But the Sony a99 does not.

Sony a99 metal body without plastic inserts.

Again, and your point? If you look here, the mount still looks quite well made and durable:

And an image from that link:

Looks like a durable mount to me. And look! Metal on the front!

You need to get out more.

I get out enough, thank you. I didn't say the D800 is the only metal only mount, just one of the few "current" cameras that do have one. Since I already showed you the Canon didn't have one, care to show me one that is? And yes, I am pretty certain the $6000 D4 is a metal only mount.

Because Sony would sell a lot more a99s and maybe increase their Alpha mount consumer base and increase FF lens sales, all while still making a tidy profit on the bodies.

Wouldn't all camera manufacturers increase their sales if they marked their top cameras down by $1,000? And they would probably make a decent profit as well. You can't say that Nikon and Canon receive any less profit on their cameras.

I don't agree. The a99 only has an EVF, but the D600 has an OVF that many photographers need for shooting action. The EVF just can't deal with panning moving objects as well as a good OVF. Also, most professionals prefer OVFs over EVFs.

Says you, maybe. But not all professionals would agree. It is the same with cars as which is better: Automatic or Stick. Many will use the argument that the pros will want a stick. You'd be surprised when actually asking the pros what they prefer. In that instance, there are just as many pros who prefer an automatic when questioned via Twitter. You'll probably get the same response with photographers. It comes down to their preference and what works best for them. Plus, you seem to assume that all pros are sport/wildlife photographers. They are not! Many are studio, landscape, macro, and more. So don't try and cram all pros into one tiny box. Furthermore, I haven't had panning or action shot issues with my A77. I also shoot studio work, indoors, outdoors, landscapes, and macros.

You are comparing the a99 to the D600 which both have virtually the same FPS performance in FF and which costs $700 less and does not pretend to be a professional grade camera. The D600 is an excellent value in a well specified FF camera and the a99 is not. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I think DPR is going to agree with me on this one.

I see you ignored every other advantage the A99 has over the D600. So clearly you are only focused on FPS. I even mentioned in my comparison that for FPS in FX mode the advantage margin is small. But in DX mode, the A99 has it beat. But my main reason for mentioning the D600 is you felt that the A99 should be priced less than the D600 with no mention that the D600 should receive a price cut as well. By doing that, you put it in the direct cross hairs for comparison.

So you don't feel that all the other features that A99 has over the D600 is worth an extra $700? You don't find an articulating screen helpful? How about IBIS when using primes? Ever shoot in a studio where a little faster flash sync could be useful? Or how about those instances where you need a shutter speed faster than 1/4000? Don't forget the built in GPS it has as well that the D600 is missing.

It's the little things that add up, all of which the D600 is missing. And no, the D600 doesn't pretend to be a professional camera and thus doesn't have those features. However, the A99 does intend on filling the shoes needed by professionals, has features that professionals actually use, and thus should be considered a contender as a professional camera.

I never said I thought the D600 should be priced above the a99. I said the a99 is overpriced for what it offers and should be priced less than the D600 because it lacks a proper OVF.

So you are saying the D600, D800, and D4 are overpriced as well? Congratulations, you are just like every other consumer out there who would love to get more for less. If the A99 was $1800, believe me, I would be snagging one in a heartbeat. But it isn't and is unrealistic, in my opinion. I'd say the camera's sweet spot is probably around the $2500. It's not entirely unrealistic yet still a good deal for what you get. But again, how does cost make it a professional camera or not? It doesn't. What matters is what you can do with it and whether the pro can use it in "their" environment, not yours.

Let's agree to wait and see what DPR thinks of the a99 in their review. Despite the differences you mentioned, I believe the D600 will be very close to the a99 in total points, and all for $700 less, which could go toward a very nice large aperture Nikon lens.

So now we are talking reviews? You seem to be changing the subject here.

Anyway, the scores between the two I don't think would be comparable. If I recall correctly, DPR weights and scores their cameras in comparison to other cameras in their class. The D600 and A99 are clearly not in the same class and thus the scores are not weighted the same. Otherwise people would be taking the score of a cheap P&S camera and comparing it to a top tier DSLR and think it is a better camera because DPR gave the P&S a higher score. You can't do that. Well...actually you could try and directly compare the scores, but the results you get will not be accurate.

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