Sales of the Sony A99

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Re: Sales of the Sony A99

It's only anecdotal evidence, but Thursday at Photoplus, the SLT counter at the Sony booth was pretty dead.  I saw more people looking at the A77 and the A900 in previous years.  (It didn't help that they had no cameras setup in front of a display for sampling).  In contrast, the NEX counter was busy all day long (at least on the 4-5 occasions I visited or walked through) and the RX1 counter was busy all day long.  I heard one lady first thing in the morning come in looking for "the MX1" ... "you know, the new one" and then started chatting up the rep at the RX1 counter.

Hopefully with Kirk Tuck and others talking up the benefits of the EVF for studio work, things will pick up a little for the A mount.  It would be a shame if they don't, because they really have some excellent lenses.  But it really seems like their future lies in 'e' not 'A'.

- Dennis

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