From compact SuperZoom to m4/3 - Please help with lens selection.

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Re: my choice

Digital Parasite wrote:

Micromegas777 wrote:

I like the very small fixed lenses: the 1.8 45 Olympus and the 2.5 14 Panasonic.You can go about without a camera bag.

25 Panaleica FT

45 Olympus

How well do non-OIS primes work on Panasonic bodies? Anyone have problems with camera shake/blurry photos using these? Or people just compensate by using high ISO and faster shutter speeds?

They work quite well, actually. If you use good holding technique and mind your shutter speeds, you should have no problems at all. Remember, image stabilization has only appeared on the market within the past ten years, and there has been an awful lot of photography done in the prior 150 years without it....and there are plenty of sharp photos in archives over that period of time....

I use Panny cameras and have two lenses with IS. The other 8 or so (including legacy lenses) are not stabilized, and I use all of them very frequently, and am very happy with the results. Where I WOULD recommend OIS is in the longer lenses. For me, the cutoff point is above about 60mm focal length. (I do have a vintage Yashica 135mm which I have taken very sharp shots with, hand held, but that does require a rather bright day for good results without a tripod).

The 55mm legacy macro that I have now is very useable, but it is about as long as I would want to go without IS unless I was planning on regular tripod the only Oly prime in the current lineup that I would have second thoughts about using due to no IBIS would be the 75mm. I have, and use, the 12mm and 45mm Olys with no problems whatsoever, and would expect you to be able to do so also.


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