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Re: Two ponts

first of all, many thanks for being patient and answering in a substantial way without any personal or arrogant attitude!

Also thanks for the words concerning non natives, thats very nice.

(scene illumination) * (aperture) * (exposure time)

In other words, closing the iris or using a faster shutter speed affects exposure exactly the same as does turning down the lights.

Yes, in testing ISO 12800 they picked a combination of these three things that you're not likely to use in practice. But they did what they did because they didn't have a way to decrease the scene illumination without affecting things like the evenness of the lighting or the white balance, and they wanted to answer the question "How much noisier is ISO 12800 than ISO 1600?" by changing as few things as possible. Since it's easier to change the shutter speed or aperture than to make the lighting uniformly dimmer (which is hard!), they did those things for their test.

ok, I understand what you mean And I do not refuse the physic of

(scene illumination) * (aperture) * (exposure time)

thats wellknown for me, too.... of course

but it does not show what the camera will produce in night shots in a practical and helpfull way for me, sorry if I repeat this again.

If they want to evaluate differences between the isos you need a row of different iso pics of this scenery!?

Did they?

Another example which demonstrates my problem with this kind of parameters for such testpics you will find here in the brandnew review of the xz2 at

check the pic 46 which was made to demonstrate Iso12800.

it is done with iso 12800, f4 and 1/1000!

so with our physics this could also be

f2 with 1/4000 and iso12800.

Great setings! did you ever use such a combination? please show me the pics

who wants to know how a mft-camera performs with so much light and such a high and useless iso here?

Or with f4 and iso3200 1/1000 ?!

ok, I accept, you can do everything what you want but

what has this to do with the practice of night, bar or any other indoor shooting without flash?

there is much less light and under such circumstances you will see a total different approach of noise reduction because of much less contrast? And contrast is on what the NR presessing reacts as far as I know!?

this is what these tests do not show imho.

and i guess this is the reason why dcresource did a different Iso-testing for good and low light, for example

here,2 what you think?

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