Shouldn't Nikon include 1.2x crop in all its FFs...?

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Re: Shouldn't Nikon include 1.2x crop in all its FFs...?

thxbb12 wrote:

I don't really find any crop modes very interesting as you can obtain the same by shooting in FX mode and cropping *yourself*.

This gives you much more latitude to play with. Now, if the cropped mode had a magnified corresponding VF, then it would be a different story. But as it is, you can obtain the exact same results by simply cropping your full resolution image.

To me the logic of helping DX users by including 1.2x cropping is peculiar.

However, in general crop modes have the advantage that they allow smaller RAW files which save disk space. When I take a picture of a distant bird or boat that will not fill the frame, I often go down to DX crop on the D800.

If you crop yourself in postprocessing, the resulting file will not be a smaller RAW file.

On a D600, I would be less tempted to apply cropped RAW files, as they might become ​too​ small.

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