D3100 or D5100 for us ?

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Just to elaborate

I just realized you are the guy asking about D3100 vs the Cannon. I picked up my D3100 over the Canon T2i due to the handling, I like the Nikon interface and button positioning better. Simply, I had to pick one and that's it.... I often wonder what if i chose the other one but I can't be bothered to learn all the ins and outs of a camera system I don't own.

To be clear, I feel the advantages of the D5100 is a slightly better sensor and articulated higher res LCD.  However note that I got the D3100 before the D5100 came out, I do not consider the D5100 an upgrade enough to now switch, only if buying new. It is too close in every other way.

The D3100 is an excellent camera and in under 2 years I took almost 40K snaps with it, check out my gallery for some of them. I am really happy with the quality of the pictures and the lightweight solution. The D3100 is a great little camera, but bit feature limited as I learned later. The "guide mode" that is intended for beginners is an embarrassment of a feature, I never took a single picture in that mode, full auto is plenty newbie friendly, the guide mode is an insult to one's intelligence. Note that I tend to go through learning curves pretty fast so I very quickly noticed the disadvantages of lacking metering with AI-S lenses (i now have two), the small viewfinder, no HSS flash sync and no CLS master on the pop up flash.

Knowing what I know now, I would have chosen a D7000 because it has more of the features that I miss. Even if it is the same sensor as the D5100 the features of the body are key to what you can do with the camera as well. For me the upgrade comes at cost of weight the D7000 is slightly larger and heavier, but most of the weight comes from better lenses. All of the lenses I own now are relatively light, the fast high quality ones tend to weigh more.

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